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Boys Forts

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Boys and building forts go hand in hand. We've all seen it. Boys getting a bit rambunctious over the mere prospects of indoor fort building and parents scrambling to find the gear, continues to be fondly reminisced by many. The nervous energy starts pouring out at the idea and becomes channeled once the indoor boy fort building contest, of sorts, begins. With so much to offer, it's a wonder that how to build a blanket fort hasn't become more of an art form, or has it?

That's where Boy Forts comes in. The way we see it, not only is there room for the indoor fort activity to take hold, but that it can actually take off into the fort building stratosphere. 

There is so much to offer with the innocent fun indoor forts have to offer the entire family. Why not provide the avenue for that indoor fort building quest to turn into something concrete, or well in this case, material, to show proof of your boy's indoor fort talent?

There's more at stake here, than meets the eye. Kids getting together and gathering the essentials to build a fort top the list of pastimes. It's not a lost activity, in fact, as parents, grandparents, and innocent bystanders, we have an obligation, a responsibility to provide time-honored fun for kids. We can't let the video games, reality shows, and amped up movies of today take away from the true joy of building forts.
We must fuel creativity, provide the necessary equipment, and let our boys take off in the world of indoor fort building.

Boys huddle up - The "How to Build a Blanket Fort" lesson has begun. Boys forts often turn out to be a race for shelter and the presentation pushed aside, but fort building perfection is in your reach. 

Sure, indoor fort tools are necessary, including a blanket (preferably dark black or blue in color), the back of your couch, and a cushion accent for inside. And just between us, what can make that blanket fort of yours stand up, and out, are the Fort Clips creation perfectly measured to keep the whole tent together. Now, take your time and build a blanket fort for the ages. There's a lot that goes into fort building and we have complete confidence in your indoor tent skills. Go ahead, tackle it, and win at the game of fort building.

Once the materials are in use, get in your indoor fort and start making plans against the adversary. A "No Girls Allowed" posting is a great place to start, while camouflage gear, a batch of caramel corn, and some cards for dealing fun, will turn every fort building venture, into a fort built to remember!

Boys and forts make a connection like no other. Build a boys fort today!


FortClips are recommended for children 7 years old or older.
WARNING: Contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.

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